Vale, Moshe

Vale, Moshe Goldberg

I am Helene Goldberg, Moshe’s wife. I’ve had the privilege and delight of sharing the last forty-nine wonderful, precious years with Moshe.

        On Sunday morning at 12:45 am on 23rd of August, 2020, after ten incredible years in a fierce battle with cancer, Moshe’s poor body finally succumbed. He’d fought on till his very last moments, even through the heavy sedation drugs he was given to try to ease his suffering, with a will to live I’ve never seen. Our three daughters and I were with him around the clock for his last days, and although we are left heartbroken and devastated by his loss, we remain forever grateful for his unending devotion and deep love, and will cherish him in our hearts for as long as we live.

Because this occurred during the COVID-19 Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne, the funeral attendance was restricted to ten people. Present were our three daughters Devorah, Gita and Sarah, Moshe’s father Gooter, his sister Freda with her husband David and their daughter Shayndle, Moshe’s mother-in-law (my mother) Raya, and me. Our son-in-law Mark (Devorah’s husband) watched the live stream from their home with our grandsons Austin (8yrs) & Reuben (6yrs). Sadly, Moshe’s mother Hania was unwell and couldn’t attend, but viewed the live stream from her hospital room with Freda and David’s daughter Devorah by her side.


May we meet again on happier occasions.

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  1. Dear Helene and the whole Goldberg family,

    You are in my thoughts and in my heart on this difficult day.



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